Drinks Priced Above RM5

I have no source of active incomes and nor do I work. But once in awhile (read : once in a week) I will splurge on expensive drink at coffee shop or drink booths in the mall I go.



To be honest, when I was younger with very little pocket money given by my mother; I rarely purchase a drink that costs up to RM20. I never did so. The only thing I bought consistently was E-pop growing up, of which I regretted buying up till now, ah,I wish I was more resourceful back then.

I believe this is uninvitable, somehow. When I was bored window shopping and whining at clothes and make ups that I couldn’t afford, these expensive drinks caught my attention. Yes, they are expensive, but they are also cheaper that the stuff that I couldn’t afford at that moment. They become my comfort, they satiate my thirst.

If I tracked back my spendings and stopped buying drinks everytime I go out, I might could have saved a couple hundred ringgit.


Of which I know well, I will use the money on other things. Oh sweet summer child, me and my big spender ass. She really loves spending!


My #knaixxfoodporn is not helping as well. I feel obligated to update new food place and forgot my initial plan to save up for better cause. I always fall for the trap, treat yourself, you deserve it. If I keep doing this, I will go broke!

That’s it, unless I work part-time, too bad that I had said no to the offer .

Broke but still want to spend money on luxury is the label that I give to myself. I really should start drinking water for good. No more expensive drink! No more drinks that cost more than RM3!


I turned down a job offer that I really wanted

I have a lot in my mind, my mind seem to be a huge vacuum where all the thoughts are floating around. Sometimes they even race together which will result in me not feeling well.

So how’s life?

It’s the same. Ctrl C + Ctrl V. This semester I have 17 credit hour and I only have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But I also have extra-curricular activity on Saturday. I was thinking of working part time and had applied to a few shops around my college and campus, just now, I mean today’s afternoon, an employer contacted me and asked whether I could work on Saturday and Sunday. I thought for a few minutes and realised I had made some plans with my friends and turned down the offer.

I am so stupid.

Three minutes later I what’s apped him saying I can work, since I just realised that negotiation exists. He said that someone already filled in the post.

All in 3 minutes.

A damn 3 minutes.

180 seconds!

I lost an opportunity to earn RM64 per week in 3 minutes. RM64per week times by 4 that means RM256 per month.


Name a greater fool than me, please.

I wanna cry, now I have no income. Can I really have money for BTS if they come to Malaysia? What if BTS doesn’t come to Malaysia, do I have money to go outside of Malaysia? I am praying hard so that BTS comes to Malaysia and so that I could go there. If they don’t come to Malaysia, I pray that they come in September, October, November,December 2018 to Jakarta or Singapore.

The reasons why is I can confirm that I can work during my three months break, in sha Allah. I believe that I can work during that time and earn up to RM2K+ . In sha Allah.

My concern this year is whether I can attend BTS’s concert or not. I really hope I could. Mannn I really want!


God’s Pace

In Islam, we believe in qada’ and qadar, we muslims believe in fate.

I am over the cloud today, alhamdulillah and that’s when it hits me ; most of my prayers are answered by God when the TIMING IS RIGHT. It is neither too late nor too early, it is perfect just the way God plans it to be.

I have turned into someone with high level of anxiety. I realised last night that the anxiety I have is a mask for my desperation. I am full of aspiration to successs at young age and I am too desperate not to be like my parents who live like normal people. I craved the success that will make me a renowned person. I dreamt of having my own wikipedia, hundred thousand of followers on my social media, the whole world acknowledging my presence.

Thankfully, I am no longer like that. I have stopped putting to much expectations on myself. I have accepted the fact that I might as well become a commoner like my parents. And that’s okay. My parents are happy and contented.

Furthermore after almost a year plus feeling lost, I realise there are only a few things that matter in life. Fame and wealth are none of them. They are your family and true friends.

I feel very thankful today and I pray that my life will continue like this. Ameen.



Hello and ni hao maaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

It had been almost 4 months since my first ever trip abroad alone (yes, first time and alone but I am like… 20???) to China and that means I had procrastinated for 4 months. WOW. Not suprising really.

So, it is true that I spent less than RM1,200 in Beijing. I am not someone who is good with money but somehow I manage…

At the end of this blog post, I will include the itinerary and budget for this trip. Stay tuned.

My trip took place from 3 September to 9 September, approximately 7 days. I had visited a few famous places in Beijing and we had to let go the Ming Tomb because we ran out of time (nah, because of period pain and honestly that place is so far and we need to change many train stations before we could go and that’s… tiring when you have period pain. )



I know the dates are not confirmed yet and it is risky but boiii if you can cut down on airplane ticket I assure you you could really save on your budget. Usually twitter will be so loud during the sales time, join Buddies Malaysia group or just sign up for Air Asia since they will let you buy the ticket a day earlier before it is opened for the non-member. Free je kot daftar tu, daftar la Big Point ye y’all.

I spent RM502 for return ticket KUL-PEK, this included in-flight meals and the charge ( I don’t remember what charge but RM15 because I couldn’t pay using CIMB Click at that time). My mom paid for the luggage 10KG RM90+ when I was in Beijing because I didn’t have any money left, also ended up my bag was only 8KG. #betrayed


YES, this has to be included because it could save you loads of money if you plan beforehand. My cousin went to China a few days after I went. His flight is on 5th September and he only realised that to visit China you need to register for a visa and that took a few days (depends) a day before. CRAZY. He changed the date and got his visa done but that screamed money since he needed to pay for the date change as well as instant visa (RM300+) instead of normal visa (RM108). I got mine done at Chinese Embassy in Butterworth, Penang.

You can fill in the form online and have it printed or just fill in there. But I would suggest you to fill in the form online. Please be careful especially when you are filling in your name. There is always an issue with our name because of the binti/bin. Your first name is KHADIJAH and your second name is BINTI MUHAMMAD. Do not omit the ‘binti/bin’ to be safe and sound. Click HERE to access to China visa application website.





Guys, this is the main reason why I could spend only approximately RM600 during my stay in China. I stayed over at my friend’s dorm. We mostly travelled using subway and her electric motorcycle. And tell you what, everyone rides bicycle here. I was shooked when I found out the Alibaba group is the owner of all the yellow bicycles you see all around Beijing. I am a huge fan of Jack Ma mannn.


subway card ( you can top up, it is the same as RapidKL card, TouchNGo )


thanks Gee bawak aku merata hehe


spacious, looks like I am in Korea, or Japan, or Taiwan. I think it is because the landscape is amost the same.


my friend’s dorm, everyone has electric motorcycle

For accomodation, there are many youth hostel, hotel and motel in Beijing. Since I was travelling alone, my parents would not allow me to stay over a hotel in a foreign country alone. Hence, I looked up for people online and found Gee who is studying in Beijing Cultural University which turned out to be my home for 7 days.

I saved a lot of money by crashing her dorm. If you can find someone’s place to crash over to, please do so. If you have friends studying in China , there are a lot of Malaysian students there, please go there before  they ( and you)  finish studies.


I highkey hope this would be my dorm in Malaysia but who I am kidding…. :’) #syukurselalu


I know you have heard of Chinese government bad treatment towards muslims in Xinjiang. Well it is true, since China is a communist country. But afraid not, there are a lot of halal food available here. Since Gee studies in international university and stays in international dorm, there are loads of halal restaurants around to cater the needs of muslim students. In BCLU, there are many students from India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and European countries. Gee’s neighbours are Koreans, they always make noise at night…. #pain

Get ready for food porn!!!!

la mian, the love of my life


The price of food in Beijing is not as expensive as I expect it would be. It normally ranges from 12¥ and the most expensive I had eaten was 35¥ at a Korean restaurant. ( All to satisfy Gee’s craving hehe).



jauh jauh datang untuk makan sundubu jigae ekeekkee







the famous Peking duck ❤



The student discount is no joke. This is also where I saved my money the most. Orginal price for tourist for Forbidden City is 60¥ but with student discount you get 20¥!!! *cries in Chinese*

Please your student card wisely. Here is the list of ticket price and student price.


Great Wall Badaling 60¥,  20¥ (student)

Summer Palace/ Yiheyuan 30¥ , 15¥ (student)

Beihai Park  10¥

Forbidden City 60¥ , 20¥ (student)

Temple of Heaven 30¥ , 17¥ (student)


  • please note that different price for different season
  • I use student card for discount
  • for more details read HERE



Oh god, I am embarassed to share. But anyway. This didn’t include my train ticket from Butterworth- Kl Sentral and Kl Sentral-KLIA, visa, luggage.

For the starter, I exchanged RM1021 to RMB and we got RMB1600.


RM600 is my money that I saved from allowance my dad bank in every month and RM400 from my mother to buy Beijing t-shirt and table clothe (yes I didn’t understand as well why buy table clothe in China…. anyway… ) RM21 was from my bro who wanted me to buy him the traditional Chinese hat…


50¥ tambang van from airport to dorm
19¥ makan
50¥ topi
22¥ yogurt
Total = 141¥

20¥ subway card
10¥ beihai tix
15 ¥ boat
6¥ snack
20¥ makan
8¥ aiskrim
Total = 79¥

20¥ gugong
15¥ bus
10¥ coco
21¥ sazeria
33¥ ais krim + satay
10¥ botol comel
Total= 109¥

17¥ temple of heaven
16¥ makan
20¥ topup subway
39¥ makan
Total = 92¥

10¥ topup subway
20¥ badaling tix
70¥ van ke badaling return
10¥ air coco
30¥ kaoya
Total = 140¥

10¥ topup subway
100¥ teh
66¥ fridge magnet + kipas + chopstick
200¥ tee I love beijing
180¥ table clothe
200¥ sutera ibu
39¥ beg
10¥ skipping
20¥ topi
10¥ jurnal
8¥ air coco
Total = 849¥


15¥ Yiheyuan

40¥ lunch (belanja Beibei)

50¥ tambang dorm-airport

Total= 105¥



I only spent rm1200 for 7 days include flight tix because my mom sponsored some of the fee (luggage,visa,train tix) and i had a friend in Beijing. I hope this clears everything. I mean, this trip is not adventurous or so jimat or extreme like others out there. But I am happy with the trip and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the only thing that matters.

Bird Nest Stadium


Beihai Park



Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square



Qianmen Street



Temple of Heaven



Great Wall of China



Summer Palace


If you have never been abroad because your family is not rich enough, and now you have money to do so but no one to accompany you, just go, just go. If you are brave enough you can travel alone, if you are not, find someone from the same country as you are and go with them. Brainstorm how to make your dreams come true. Good luck guys!


ZAIJIAN BEIJING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am editing the Beijing vlog into a 15minutes long one with voiceover and it is draining me….. Salute to all video editors out there. 

just a shortie

in the midst of studying

but i am posting this so i could come back here and read

about my hopes and my optimism


so many things had happened, beautiful and ugly

instead of focusing on bad days, i want to savour my good days

despite having gone through so many bad stuff this semester

i believe that with persistency and continuous effort

i will be in the place that i long to be

one day.


till then ❤

Lemme Whine

I am in no position to whine , my parents are still here with me ,I have a happy family with almost zero family conflict , I have no financial problem , I get sponsored , I am smart and don’t suffer from any deadly diseases , my body works wonderfully , my senses are good eventhough I am longsighted , I have a roof above my head , food on my table and a place to sleep , I have good friends , I have good teachers .

But lemme whine.

Lemme whine about when we need to walk under the hot scorching sun , or when I wake up in the middle of the night feeling freaking thirsty, lemme whine the time I got frustrated with my French that I wanna quit and go sleep in my home and regret not reading law , lemme whine the time my friends got on my nerve ,lemme whine about the time when my bank account looks sad because I went shopping a lot , lemme whine about the time the electricity in college that goes short circuit because some students cook in dorms , lemme whine about the slow bus service , lemme whine about the amount of works we need to do , lemme whine about how I am not satisfied with myself countless times and that dissatisfaction somehow reflected on how I view others.

Lemme whine about why I think I shouldn’t whine but I whine because at the end of the day I am that 20 years old spoilt girl who always has her ways easy. Not really that easy but relatively easy compared to other girls in third world countries who can’t even go study and is forced into child marriage.

I want to always be that positive person who is always motivated.But I am not , I try and things get better . Somehow there are times when I get tired with all of the bullshit I need to deal.

I don’t deserve to whine. , ya see. I am fortunate and blessed. Besides learning how to love myself and to be content , I am also learning to be grateful and positive . Just like Seokjin , I want to be a happy person who loves doing what she is doing .

It is a long journey , I am embarking that journey and it is ain’t easy.

I wish I could speak about this to my friends openly but sometimes I am a coward.




I didn’t intent to abandon my safe haven and I hate giving excuse but really I am just not ready to pen down my thoughts online.In the last post, approximately almost 1 month ago , I told you guys I will go to China for a week , and I mentioned about JPA PIDN . Alhamdulillah I went to China for a week and c’est superrrrr!!! Also, alhamdulillah I secured JPA PIDN .



Life so far.. I would say better than I have imagined. The fact that I had recovered from my situational depression is a blessing itself and having my dreams fulfilled is another blessing God gives me. Alhamdulillah.

This semester we have a French lecturer , he is not a French but he is from Senegal and he speaks nothing but only French in his class. Can you imagine? I take this as a challenge to work harder on my French.

College activities is bearable , it will usually reach the peak where there are tonnes of activities in the second semester of the year . Which means , YOU DIE DIE DIE . I hope I will be able to make it , I will handle a program under my secretariat , I will handle all the paperworks for mobility in France (financial and stuff) and.. I don’t know what else will come. College dinner and award day also means lots of works and rehearsal until dawn. Crazy.

Family-wise , my mom got admitted to the hospital today. I spent the whole evening bawling , Told my bestie about this, tweeted and Ig-storied as well . Pray that my mom will be okay. My brothers are doing well , my sister will graduate in a year , my dad is doing fantastic . Alhamdulillah.

I hope everything goes well , and , hmm… I went to BTS Exhibition, #RECONTRERINMALAYSIA  last week. It was my first time and I had fun . Hope to be able to attend their concert on front row!


Hoping for more happy days , thank you Allah

What’s Up Being 20


have to use IU’s photo because she’s so pretty and relatable these days


forever 16 lol

I remember distinctly crying a few months ago , confused , not knowing what holds for me in the future. I got carried away by many confusions and let the pain ate me. Then months passed and I finally okay.

So what’s up with being 20?

Well , not much really. Assuming I am leading a very normal life ; an honourable and very stereotype life. After high school going to university , grad and then hunt for jobs, get married , have kids and die. Just the normal path like everyone.

Being 20 , there’s not much improvement in term of wealth or how many places have I visited. I never really earned on my own ; besides money gifts I received for good grades I pretty much live off my parents. I also haven’t traveled many places though I really want to do so. Someday , slowly but surely.

Being 20 , I would say I could control the way I think and how I view everything. It is definitely a lesson that’s so powerful.

In my teens , I was a strong-willed girl who viewed everything in absolute matters. Now as the years passed , I got to experience life events that helped me to change my perspective and how I view myself as well as others. It is liberating and a huge relief once you aren’t too uptight .

Being 20 , I am becoming more and more accepting of who I am and carry myself better. I might be a little awkward still but I have more confidence. I do not think only of myself but also think of others , not necessarily a hardcore altruist but considerate enough .

Of course, 3 years living away from family taught me how to rely on myself and internet a lot. My counselor told me to be comfortable in my own skin. Which , I guess I am doing well right now.

Being 20 doesn’t carry much meaning actually , I learn more about myself this year and couldn’t wait to see the 21 me next year.

So, what’s being 20 means to you?

A Kpop Trash

Today’s evening , my brother said to me that I am hantu kpop and then ran away while screaming ; Kakakku hantu kpop!!! . Wow, that would make a nice pop Malay novel .

I think kpop is extremely big nowadays , pretty much everyone has listened to kpop songs in the course of their lifetimes ; voluntarily or involuntarily. Even my cousins who hate kpop (because the boys are prettier than them XD ) recognised the songs I played when I tried to introduce my biases to em .

If you follow my social medias , you must be alarmed that I am now an ARMY hahahaha. Ew. I used to despise and look down at ARMYs because they are very loud and annoying . I knew BTS eversince their debuts , but of course I wasn’t a fan because ahm.. I stanned EXO and BTS beat EXO at awards . I was… quite foolish , as you could see. I should have stan this awesome group sooner!


well I tweeted this to them as soon as I read in an article that BTS actually read fans’ comments and tweets

Admittedly BTS used to annoy  me so much because they are everywhere and they keep producing albums , songs ,even do videos for fans. Question ; aren’t they tired?

However , later I realised. BTS doesn’t come from big company , they aren’t from the 3 big giants. They are from a small company , but they have a big dream. With that dream , (okay , maybe dreams ) they put their heads down and work extremely hard.  If this didn’t work out , they might as well have to forget their dreams . There is no plan B . They just need to push themselves and produce good contents for fans. They succeeded , I have to add. They made it to Billboard. They even won Top Social Artist Award at Billboard Music Award 2017 , that’s hugeeee . The first kpop group to win the award. Coming from very humble background , how could I not see them as an inspiration.



after 4 years , you managed to convert an anti into a fan :’)

Before this I only want to go Jaejoong’s concert , now I want to go to BTS as well. And it is a very bad news to my pocket that I am obsessed over a new group , posters and albums are expensive….

Please , grant me a scholarship.

Why We Fail As Muslims


We were on the way back to kampong for raya when my mom saw rubbish piling up in a neighbourhood next to ours. The majority that live in that neighbourhood and mine are Malays, whom are muslims obviously. Right from that my mom and dad discussed about the lack of Islamic approach in our society. Cleanliness is a part of iman .

“When they give talks,it is all about politics. Politics , politics , politics. They seldom touch about akhlaq or other things . “

I found this so true. You see sometimes I go to pray at the mosque and dang, they always talking about politics. I like politics but when I go to listen to talks after Maghrib , I want to listen to beautiful stories, lessons how to be a better muslim not political shits where you condemn others and spread the hatred. I want intellectual discussions , not some guy in jubah and ketayap screaming words and bashing other political party and say people who vote for the said party will enter hell.

I was educated at a religious school for my secondary education . If in west they have Christian high school , in Malaysia we have maahad (another name used for Islamic school). But it was prohibited in my school to give politics talks . I learnt so many wonderful things there . About my faith , the principle in Islam and how to adhere those in daily lives.

When I finished my high school , I got into asasi law . Since it is a preparatory for law schools , we had so many heated arguments there. I have friends who support LGBTQ and think that it should be allowed in Malaysia to apostate. Of course , me being fresh out from maahad couldn’t relate nor comprehend with what is happening outside my bubble. I stayed in hostel for five years and only spent little time at home.

Now, 3 years after leaving maahad ; I could relate with what is happening to our society. We are muslims because we were born into this religion. Some of us didn’t bother to learn more or deeper about our faith . Some think that being muslim is enough with covering aurat , praying 5 times a day and fasting in Ramadan . Being a muslim means more than that. However , I am not writing this to tell you what does it mean to be a muslim.

I could understand now where and how Sister In Islam , Shafiqah Othman and Maryam Ler emerged. It was rooted from how we teach Islam to the youngsters. How we preached the religion . Some said that Islam is too restrictive , there are too many rules to be followed and they felt it is a burden to become muslims.

It is the approach that we take. We focus too much on what is haram to do , we keep telling people that you cannot do this and that . To the point it appears that Islam is a religion full of rules and restrictions . How does one enjoy life if there are too many things that cannot be done?

Yes , whilst writing this I am aware with the hadith saying that the world is a heaven to the non-muslims and a prison to muslims ; referring to the religious rules that we ought to abide.

The concern now is how we adhere the teachings in our daily lives , and how our own society perceive Islam. Is it a way of life or just mere traditions done by our grandmothers and grandfathers.

As for me , for three years I wonder what kind of muslim I want to be. Referring to the clothes and how I bring myself as a person. Most of my teachers in maahad are strict , some of them are really sceptical towards those who choose not to don wide hijab and those who choose not to wear according to their standards. I am one of those who choose not to ,hehe . But of course when I went there I tried to wear the most appropriate clothes I could. Still , I wasn’t able to escape from some observant eyes , hence making me as the example of what we call failed products of maahad . You see, in my school we really really really take aurat seriously . After living in the outside world , I choose to be who I am today . Not too strict but not too loose either , I choose to be in the middle because it suits me best , it suits my personality and the kind of person I want to be.

To be identified as a muslim is honourable. Acknowlegding Islam as the way of life is a pride . Trying to adhere the teachings to the daily life is challenging.

So , what kind of approach do you wish for our teachers , our preachers , our ministers to take to make people, especially the youth fall in love with Islam and wish to practise it as a way of life rather just mere traditions?

p/s : I am trying to get my hands on Letters to a Young Muslim . I heard so many good reviews about the book and I believe it is the book that I can relate and appreciate well.