Drinks Priced Above RM5

I have no source of active incomes and nor do I work. But once in awhile (read : once in a week) I will splurge on expensive drink at coffee shop or drink booths in the mall I go.



To be honest, when I was younger with very little pocket money given by my mother; I rarely purchase a drink that costs up to RM20. I never did so. The only thing I bought consistently was E-pop growing up, of which I regretted buying up till now, ah,I wish I was more resourceful back then.

I believe this is uninvitable, somehow. When I was bored window shopping and whining at clothes and make ups that I couldn’t afford, these expensive drinks caught my attention. Yes, they are expensive, but they are also cheaper that the stuff that I couldn’t afford at that moment. They become my comfort, they satiate my thirst.

If I tracked back my spendings and stopped buying drinks everytime I go out, I might could have saved a couple hundred ringgit.


Of which I know well, I will use the money on other things. Oh sweet summer child, me and my big spender ass. She really loves spending!


My #knaixxfoodporn is not helping as well. I feel obligated to update new food place and forgot my initial plan to save up for better cause. I always fall for the trap, treat yourself, you deserve it. If I keep doing this, I will go broke!

That’s it, unless I work part-time, too bad that I had said no to the offer .

Broke but still want to spend money on luxury is the label that I give to myself. I really should start drinking water for good. No more expensive drink! No more drinks that cost more than RM3!


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