I turned down a job offer that I really wanted

I have a lot in my mind, my mind seem to be a huge vacuum where all the thoughts are floating around. Sometimes they even race together which will result in me not feeling well.

So how’s life?

It’s the same. Ctrl C + Ctrl V. This semester I have 17 credit hour and I only have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But I also have extra-curricular activity on Saturday. I was thinking of working part time and had applied to a few shops around my college and campus, just now, I mean today’s afternoon, an employer contacted me and asked whether I could work on Saturday and Sunday. I thought for a few minutes and realised I had made some plans with my friends and turned down the offer.

I am so stupid.

Three minutes later I what’s apped him saying I can work, since I just realised that negotiation exists. He said that someone already filled in the post.

All in 3 minutes.

A damn 3 minutes.

180 seconds!

I lost an opportunity to earn RM64 per week in 3 minutes. RM64per week times by 4 that means RM256 per month.


Name a greater fool than me, please.

I wanna cry, now I have no income. Can I really have money for BTS if they come to Malaysia? What if BTS doesn’t come to Malaysia, do I have money to go outside of Malaysia? I am praying hard so that BTS comes to Malaysia and so that I could go there. If they don’t come to Malaysia, I pray that they come in September, October, November,December 2018 to Jakarta or Singapore.

The reasons why is I can confirm that I can work during my three months break, in sha Allah. I believe that I can work during that time and earn up to RM2K+ . In sha Allah.

My concern this year is whether I can attend BTS’s concert or not. I really hope I could. Mannn I really want!



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