What I Often Think

My future

My weight

My grades

My parents

My family members

My financial situation

My mistakes,things I wish I could do differently


What I rarely think of,but sometimes hits me

My sins

My deeds

Will I get to heaven if I die at this instance


This year’s Ramadan I get to celebrate at home.Alhamdulillah.I wish we will find some peace during 2017 Ramadan.Don’t let go this special month of prayers and charity.There’s no other month like Ramadan.Pray hard,read Al-Quran (I should start doing this tooo) and you know,just spend more time than you actually do with Him.

Dunya takes too much space in my heart.I want my faith to stay here,deep inside,unwavered.In sha Allah ameen.


Author: knaixx

I am an outdoor-junky-wannabe who enjoy both coffee and tea!

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