Asasi Days Were The Best Part II


most of your future lawyers ūüôā


Second semester kicked off in October 2015 in UiTM Dengkil.Dengkil is a fine place,it is a small town and the UiTM’s amenities are great,really,you have toilets in your house!Right after our semester finished,everyone kept talking about how beautiful and magnificent Dengkil’s sunsets and sunrises are.Honestly,I never noticed that before.In fact I never paid attention to those stuffs…Probably because I slept during maghrib and not a very morning person hehe jk I jogged in the morning kot.


The second semester witnessed so many changes of the childish students of LWA02H.Oh,we had 2 new students enrolled into our class.(Hi Rezzan & Aini!).I was no longer got lost,I had bad reputation with not finding where our classes are and what time the class started.Some of us formed a group of close members,we dressed well also of which hm remind me of that stupid twitter/instagram drama between law students and science students regarding our black & white clothes.

We hung out amongst ourselves pretty often.Maybe even often compared to our first semester.Our class was probably the only class of which the classmates ate lunch together.We were always together,which is quite annoying because you keep seeing the same face everyday err day!


my favourite place in the Dengkil,after yummy my bed,of course.


I got so fat in UiTM Shah Alam thanks to the ayam cucuk RM1 at DC,shawarma beratoq and Oppah’s delish food.I started to work out religiously in UiTM Dengkil and didn’t eat rice for more than 20 days.Not only that,I also campaigned through what’s apps,instagram,blog and also presentations how you should be taking care of your body and watch what you eat.Dululah…it was easier back then to get fresh fruits because there is pasar malam every Wednesday and Saturday just less than 1km from UiTM Dengkil’s gate.

Talking about dramas in our class,we had some.Haha.Now it was over,I sometimes sit down and laugh at ourselves.Damnnn we were so funny!!!


we took this right after we finished our presentation for LAW087 class.I blogged about it HERE.

Optimising the newfound freedom,many of us went for hiking and waterfall trips.I usually went to IOI to shop or eat.One time,I was sooo stressed with studies that Aida,Wafi and I went to District 21 without planning.It was prompt.I told em I was stressed and said I wanted to experience adrenaline-rushing stuffs and off to District 21 we went.

There was one time we went to Putrajaya for Hot Air Balloon Festival.Bummer.Lies.We couldn’t get into the hot air balloon,okay that is pretty normal.The fact is,we barely managed to see the hot air balloons!Hanya mampu memandang dari jauh…And I bought coconut virgin oil.Motif?

But that trip was not so bad,at least we got to sightseeing Putrajaya hehe.


Right before final we went for a class trip to Broga and Bagan Lalang.Penyu became our director for the trip.Basically he arranged everything because Broga is his second home.

Before that,there were tears and quarrels here and there.Najib made fuss that he didn’t want to go and yadda yadda but he changed his mind after giving that speech for ELC class about friendship.Honestly,I was moved by his speech.You did well,Jib!

All of us gathered outside of the gate by 11PM because you are not allowed to go out from the gate after 11PM.Circa 11.30PM we all convoyed to Tom Yam restaurant and some ate,I didn’t,oh wait,I think I did,I ate Wafi’s fried rice or something but it wasn’t mine.We were to start hiking at 4AM so with the remaining time we went to mamak,parked the car at the petronas and I didn’t know what else they did because I passed out at the back seat.Sorry,wasn’t a nocturnal.

The hiking was a breeze alhamdulillah.Penyu was our guide as he already hiked Broga countless times.Every now and then I would cry for help because i) I am scared ii) I couldn’t see iii) people are leaving me.I couldn’t express my gratitude to Aida who lighted my way,Syai,Hanis and Reen of whom gave me their water.Also everyone who gave me moral supports,it really meant a lot!

Something quite funny happened during the wee-hour-hike.Aisyah hurted her toenail so she couldn’t finish to the third peak.We left her at the first peak.Aisyah,like a bawse,laid down and chillax but to her dismay people kept pointing their torchlight to her face.Thinking that she was their friend!Hahaha.

We reached the third peak at 5.30AM.It was breathtakingly and painstakingly beautiful.My friends and I laid down on a huge rock and started discussing about faith,fashion and Galileo Galilei’s theory.Then,Penyu asked us to get up hurriedly.We wondered why the hell and it turned out there were two guys taking our photos lying down.So girls,beware.Not everyone is nice at heart.


Right after the hiking we went to Penyu’s house to have breakfast.His mother is a great cook I kid you not.The food was¬†scrumdiddlyumptious!Most of my friends’ moms are terrific cooks so there is teeny tiny probability that their kids inherit the same skills,so #RekomenJodoh

Now…The highlight of the day.Bagan Lalang,Sepang!


We did BBQ.The boys,as the leaders did most of the work hehe.Our male classmates are very gentlemen as they did their works diligently without whining.Aini’s father supplied us the marinated beef and chicken.We were lucky because there was an uncle who camped next to our lot helped us with our coal.


excusez-moi I have to chug the water blurp blurp 

While eating,we had fun in the water.I don’t know what kind of beach Bagan Lalang is but I saw hermit crab and gawddd selutttt.


Life went on like normal after that ; late night studying for finals and before we knew it,we already finished our foundation.It was sad.I have never let my guards down but I let with them,I showed them my true colour and they showed me theirs haha.



Till then,meet again in the next post !


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