But nevermind,at least I could relate to Why A Students Work For C Students..hehe

I wrote a journal documenting my SPM journey :’)

A few days ago,(or about a week or so,I don’t remember,so forgive my memory) a junior of mine asked me to write about study tips.Hmm,this is quite hard because I am not the most studious person you would have ever met.I was that student who slept during classes (but not always la,nanti tak berkat) and I was also that lazy girl who always procrastinated like a bawse.

However,since she asked,so I thought to myself ; WHY NOT? Maybe my writing today can benefit some of us,in sha Allah.

I was above average student during elementary school.Definitely not the brightest 😦 but I always got the presents during Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang.I used to get the highest marks in 5 subjects when I was 9 haha.Good ol’ memory.I got 5A for UPSR and 9A for PMR.

So fast forward to upper secondary school,there was me who was extremely lazy and demotivated .Before anyone assumed anything.I was in liberal arts – aliran sastera perakaunan.I was definitely not a teacher’s pet or close to any teachers.No one says I am super smart or something,in fact no one expected me to excel in SPM.My school has a lot of smart students who usually are in science stream so students who took liberal arts are not that pandai la.To them la.Haha.I couldn’t feel sorrier okay.

I got into aliran perakaunan because my dad wanted me to be like him,and my mom didn’t think I was that interested in science.To be honest,I wasn’t interested in anything except for history,languages and subjects that would not bring me much money for a living T_T but nah,that’s okay.If anyone says you are stupid just because you are not studying in science stream,don’t give a damn okay.We all have our own preferences,don’t follow people.I don’t have any friend when I first got into form 4 because all my friends were in science stream but heyy then I have more friends?


1) Respect teachers and knowledge

Teachers are our source of knowledge,without their selfless help and patience we might not as smart as we are now.I know sometimes teachers can be such a pain,but however sucks it is we must respect them.I know students who argue that respect has to be earned and yadda yadda but at the end of the day it is their blessing that we seek.Remember how crowded is teacher’s room the day before examination haha.

I have my very personal share with teacher.During 2014 mid-term exams I was writing a BM essay.All of sudden I wanted to change my essay,so I tore the paper and wrote a new one.I couldn’t finished it on time,so I begged for the invigilator to wait for another 5 minutes.But you know,females sometimes can be so rigid.Usually we can get away with extra 5 minutes because this is not a big exam but apparently this teacher didn’t think that way.

Oh great.

She left me and said “nanti kamu hantar sendiri dekat cikgu kamu,saya taknak tunggu,ni dah langgar peraturan”.I was like..yeah whatever and continued writing furiously.After 10 minutes I was walking down the hall to the teacher’s room to pass my paper.My BM teacher was talking to an ustazah who taught me usul fiqh.

“Cikgu,ni paper saya,tadi saya tak sempat siap jadi saya ambil extra time”

My BM teacher later told me that the invigilator had already called her and that I abused the rules by not submitting my exam paper and she couldn’t accept my paper.I was doomed closed to getting an F for BM.

I was shaking with anger,I was mad at  the invigilator for not giving me that extra 5 minutes.In common cases,usually invigilators will put up but not with this one.My pure bad luck.Had the thing happened only between two person,I wouldn’t have to bear with my parents’ anguish on my D grade for Bahasa Melayu.

The invigilator never taught me but she is one of my teachers,technically.As an immatured student,I have every right to hate her but I chose not to.It is because I believe that I must respect  her and I never told anyone about this incident except to my mom.Usually female students will pull faces whenever they meet their not-so-favourite-teachers and even take another route if she is about to meet the teacher,but not me.I kind of forced myself to humbly smile and give salam to her.It was quite hard,but it was my own mistake and she just did her job.Anyway  I cried for two consecutive two days because I didn’t get an A.Ugh,I hate my old-self now haha.

Not only that,I also learnt a lesson – HAND YOUR WORK ON TIME!

2. You must set yourself on fire


One of the reasons why I work freaking hard for SPM is to prove to the mouths that were saying bad things about me.See,I wasn’t the nicest person ever especially during secondary school.There was this time,after eating dinner I went to form 5 study room to chillax.My friends were discussing names of people they were targeting to get 9AS and above.(In my school for SPM only 9A’s above students get student awards ).

To my dismay,my name wasn’t in the list.I asked them why no one mentioned my name?They just shrugged their shoulders and one of them said to me right in the eyes “because no way you could make it.”

That really fueled my desire to get straight As.Besides other reasons such as to make my parents proud of me,money,scholarships and of course because Islam says you have to be the best in whatever you do.

You just need to find reasons that set the fire in you.

Oh,and if you find people talking about you,please remember this quote.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ”

Eleanor Roosevelt


3. Disciplines


I only started studying after mid-term exams,around June 2014 (four months prior to SPM – don’t do this unless you want to feel tortured!).I think you guys can imagine the pressure,while studying I kept cursing myself for geniusly procrastinating my studies.If only and only if I started studying when I was in form 4,I would not suffer like this.

But one can only regret.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.I was  terrified at the thought of not doing well for SPM,so I searched high and low for tips.There were  lots of tips on internet but I couldn’t relate so I contacted a senior via FB.He then shared with me what he did.

For four months,I studied like hell.I was very diciplined,I wouldn’t sleep if I had not finished my revision.I woke up at 4.30AM every morning.Even the fact that my bilik was berhantu where my adik bilik said she saw me studying on the floor when the truth was I was sleeping soundly on my bunk – didn’t bother me.I woke up early,went to the toilet (even made friends with the guard because she had to open the stairs gate so early for me hehe) and made myself a cup of honey water,pray and revise.

Hantu or not,I needed to revise or I would get 6As or less.Oh horror!

I also stayed late after school,studying.Because I know if I go back to hostel I would sleep the whole evening and waste my time by not studying.For last-minute work,every second is valuable.


I always asked teachers to teach me,something I was lazy to do before  if I weren’t interested in that subject.This is a bad habit because we want to get all As.Like it or hate it,I need to study.As an annoying friend,I also pestered  and bugged my smart-ass friends and successfully made them teach me topic I didn’t understand.

Find study techniques which work the best for you.As for me I prefer to study from textbooks instead of reference books.I also like group discussion which I would suggest you to do it with friends who aren’t so close so the study group won’t turn into chit chat group.I like quiet surrounding which was why I woke up at 4.30AM.When I was desperate and anxiously thinking I needed to put more effort,I woke up as early as 3AM.Haha,sorry can’t help myself,I was freaking desperate.

4. Ibadah

Everyone is alim when exams draw near,I was not excluded!!hahaha!!!

Anyway,jokes aside ; the senior whom I consulted shared his secret.He never fail to do tahajjud.Like whatever happens,he will make sure he performs tahajjud or he will feel demotivated to study for the rest of the day.

Tahajjud is good for our mental and productivity – you can google the benefit of early morning meditation.Our prayers can be categorised as meditation too.

I made it a must to read yassin everyday (you know we gotta have amalan that we stick to) ,and of course since I was in religious school – all my classmates aggreed to recite yassin together every morning.I also tried to perform dhuha every day.This is easy as my class is near to the musolla,just a minute by walking!

That musolla was my lepak place :’) I was rebel liddat

5. Do good to everyone

Just be nice,we never know if our success come from other people’s prayers.



Oh,I never believed in SPOT question,and I attempted on many SPM clone questions – I didn’t do past years.I was lucky because they started to implement KBAT in SPM 2014.Usually last-minute students do lots of past years and got As just because they had answered the same question before.Lucky me I emphasized on understanding each chapter and did SPM clone question sets.

MILLION THANKS TO ALL WHO HELP ME THROUGH SPM 2014 (It has been 2 years ;’)  )




All the best to whoever reads this!Bittaufiq wannajah in sha Allah.


the day SPM result was announced,17th March 2015,I hope that day was not my last time meeting these awesome people.


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